Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simplying My Wardrobe

Simplifying My Wardrobe

After years of "collecting" clothes from New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, California, Dallas, Houston and Mississippi, to name a few (yes Mississippi, we have some really great clothing stores believe it or not), I have realized that it is not about quantity but rather quality. It took many years to realize this but now I am finally simplifying my wardrobe. It's not easy and it isn't happening overnight. I have emotional attachments to many of the items hanging in my closet, each piece reminding me of a specific time and place. For example, when I was studying abroad in London, I purchased some really exciting pieces, including some great tops from Karen Millen, and then some maybe not-so-great whimsical, ruffled lace white camis I thought were just fabulous at the time. These items remind me of my experience in London. How could I part with them? Plus, Karen Millen is a high end designer! (I am not even positive I knew that then.)

 I am sure many women feel the same way. It's hard to just get rid of something, even when donating it, because we feel we have paid good, hard earned money for an item and it also holds sentimental value. However, as I mature, I realize that elegance is simplicity. 

With this in mind, I am trying to focus most of my closet on high quality pieces and basics. I love white Polos (pink Polos too!). I like pairing a classic white cotton polo with jeans, khakis, or gray pin stripe slacks. This is my favorite "classic" look right now. I also love basic white button downs, solid colors, and try to stay away from bold patterns. As a shoe designer, I am wild about high heels, so of course, I am always accessorizing with a nice, neural beige or sand colored Lauren Lorraine, Jimmy Choo, or Prada heel, or a stiletto from Louboutin. I do wear classic black heels, but more seldom. I love fashion, what can I say. I have built a business off of it. But regarding my wardrobe, I now just prefer to express myself with shoes, rather than my clothes. And for those wondering, yes, I wear sneakers to the gym, like anyone else. I think my friends envision me on the treadmill or elliptical in stilettos.

As for jewelry, I love classic diamond or pearl studs, a simple necklace, like the delicate sterling silver heart on a light, feminine chain that my love gave me from Tiffany's for my Birthday one year (classic, sentimental and dainty), a bangle, such as one from David Yurman, my Rolex, and a belt that matches my shoes or purse.

If you have clothes you no longer wear, but are still in good condition, consignment shops can be a lot of fun, but it's also always great to give back. Visit your local Good Will or The Salvation Army and give someone else the joy of a no-longer-worn piece.

- Lauren

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Loving this chic, sophisticated look right now

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo, Lauren
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