Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beauty water...

Is there such a thing as beauty water? I've seen a few people carrying their own canteens of water and I had to inquire! What is it? According to some, this is the water the stars are drinking, known for having health benefits and advantages in the physical appearance department as well. Is it true? Who is drinking it? (Seriously! Leave your comments below. I'm intrigued!) I personally had to try it. Kangen Water, or alkaline water, can be filtered through the tap or you can purchase it, like Essentia or BLK, at some of your local health food stores. You can even invest in your own water ionizer!

Some say alkaline water gives you energy, protects against free radicals that cause cell damage, and can reduce the effects of aging. Other purported benefits include potential weight loss, improved mental clarity, and an increase in bone strength. I read about one study that found water with a pH of 8.8 could effectively neutralize stomach acid and pepsin, making it a possible treatment for acid reflux. There have been many assertions made about the pros, and there are lots of articles discussing the cons (claiming alkaline water to be "snake oil on tap"), but you will ultimately have to try it for yourself! We all know drinking more water has it's benefits. I personally think alkaline water tastes smoother than conventional water. It's also reported not to fill you up and bloat you the way conventional water can do if you drink a lot of it at once. Beauty water? Maybe! You be the judge!


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Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo, Lauren

Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo, Lauren
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