Friday, September 29, 2017

how to lose the baby weight fast...

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"Breast feed", they said. "You'll lose the baby weight fast!".

I absolutely encourage breastfeeding, and I do believe it is a wonderful, healthy choice for both mom and baby. I breastfed my child, and I'm thankful I was able to do so. I also attribute the great health of my child to breastfeeding, not to mention it was an incredible bonding experience. But I'm not so sure that nursing my baby helped me lose weight. Of course, not everyone is the same, I'm just talking about my personal experience.

I lost most of my baby weight within the first two weeks post partum and then it seemed as if my weight loss plateaued. It was starting to feel like breastfeeding was keeping the weight on, maybe even adding a few extra pounds too!

In order to combat my weight loss plateau after having my baby, I didn't restrict my calories, as that is not the answer for me. So, how did I lose the baby weight fast? I started eating a healthy diet. Lots of fruits and vegetables were and still are my go to foods. I love to come up with exciting and creative meals, like squash noodles with pasta sauce instead of traditional spaghetti. And I am quite fond of vegan cookie dough! I love anything vegan. I'll post the recipe in a later blog post. It. Is. Amazing! I also drink a lot of water. I can't emphasize enough how important staying well hydrated really is. It's mentioned often in weight loss articles, but maybe we browse over it and we don't really take it seriously enough and actually drink more water. So, bottoms up ladies! Drinking enough fluids is great for clear skin, feeling good, having energy, and of course, it aids in weight loss. Carry a water bottle with you, keep a full glass in the kitchen and on your night stand. Keep water near you and drink it as you go about your day. It's so important for helping you shed weight!

I also love green tea and spicy foods. Both of these naturally rev up your metabolism. Plus, they taste great! Next, getting as much sleep as possible is one of the best ways to "burn fat"! When we are overly tired, we tend to eat more. You can even ask Paige Hathaway, as she mentioned it in her recent e-newsletter! And of course, get in as much exercise as possible. Going on walks, even if it's just for 15 minutes after every meal, is a great way to lose weight without even trying very hard. I also love to lift weights in the gym, but I can't always get there with a new baby and running my business, Lauren Lorraine Shoes.

I hope some of these tips for losing weight fast help! This is definitely what has worked for me after having a baby.

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  1. Great article and I made similar experiences. I loved breastfeeding, too. But After the first weeks it really got hard to loose weight. Sadly and luckily at the same time, my milk support went low after 7 month so I had to supplement with formula. I did´nt made an easy choice and chose an organic one from after careful consideration. Starting with formula feeding was also the starting point of loosing the last pounds of my mommy flab. So I think too, that their is a connection between not losing weight and breastfeeding. But I really dont wanna miss the experience of breastfeeding!

    By the way: you look gorgeous now! :)


  2. Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and congrats on your bundle of joy! It's always fun to hear back from my readers. Have a happy holiday season! Lauren


Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo, Lauren

Thank you so much for stopping by! Xo, Lauren
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